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We provide a welcoming environment and competitive total rewards so you can focus on doing your best work.

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We've Got You Covered

Taking Care of You

We care for our employees in more ways than one. Our benefit offerings include multiple options for medical, dental and vision insurance for employees and their dependents. We offer significantly discounted optional insurance programs for disability, accident and critical care.

Work-Life Balance

  • We know that time outside of work is critical to Living Fully! We offer generous PTO plans, paid holidays and two additional floating holidays for all team members.

  • Retirement living is a 24/7 operation, and we depending heavily on our part-time and PRN team members. Employees in these categories automatically earn double pay on the holidays they work.

People are Our Priority

  • Loot for Learning allows ANY employee to utilize up to $3,000 per year for personal or professional learning.

  • Wallet allows our employees to borrow from future paychecks for just $5.00!

  • Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides employees and their families access to free or significantly discounted financial planning, substance abuse support, therapy and crisis intervention.

  • When one of our own experiences a tragedy, we all come together. Our incredible team members have donated over 10,000 PTO hours to each other to help ease the pain of a crisis or loss.

Communication is the Key

  • We are dedicated to ensure employees have the information they need to do their jobs well and live their lives fully.

  • We want to share information in ways that are meaningful to the person. Want updates about company events via text? Done. Enjoying picking up the phone to hear the information from a real live person? We’ve got you covered with support team members in every time zone.

Live it Up

  • Project FUN is our program to ensure everyone lives life to the fullest and creates meaningful connections between team members, their families, friends and even pets!

  • Celebrating is a big part of who we are. Everyone matters at Elegance and your personal and professional accomplishments are reason to live it up! We celebrate graduations, weddings, births, gaining citizenship or evening buying a new car!

  • Employees are the heart behind everything we do. We start celebrating employees at day one and continue throughout their life journey with milestones starting at 6 months.

Live Fully for
the Journey

Life is a journey and we believe our teams should live fully! Our team operates like a modern family. Friends are family, residents are family, and our teammates are family. No one-size-fits-all here - your service is your journey and your awards and accolades should be just as special as you! Our team members are celebrated starting on day one, and continue throughout their journey.

Project FUN

We believe in FUN. We have an entire Elegance department dedicated to ensuring our teams have FUN. Project FUN encourages our teams to spend meaningful time together on a more personal level. This prescheduled time often includes family, friends and service to others.

Learning and growing is a great way to live fully. Always wanted to become a Certified Yoga Instructor? We pay for that! Have an interest in learning how to make Sushi? We pay for that! Ever said to yourself or others, “I always wanted to finish my degree.” Guess what? We pay for that! Loot for Learning applies to your personal and professional development.

The program, designed to encourage team members to expand their knowledge in areas of study related to senior living, offers partial tuition reimbursement in the following fields:

  • Accounting

  • Business Administration

  • Employee Development

  • Gerontology

  • Hospitality/Culinary Arts

  • Human Resources

  • Internet Technology

  • Leadership

  • Marketing & Sales

  • Nursing (C.N.A and/or Caregiver, LPN/LVN, RN)

  • Recreational Therapy

Doug's Journey

“My journey with Brookstone started in August of 2015. I was hired on as a Med Tech for the 3-11 shift, and I quickly knew that Brookstone was something special. The employees had a great, honest connection with the residents that I was thankful to be a part of. From day one, I have felt comfortable and accepted as part of the Brookstone family, all while being pushed to be the best team member that I can be. At the beginning of this year I began working part-time as a concierge, while continuing my Med Tech duties part-time. I have been studying at Northwest Arkansas Community College to get a degree in General Business, and plan to transfer to the University of Arkansas to continue my education. Last month I had the honor of accepting the role of Business Office Manager, and for that, and countless other reasons, I am very grateful for all that this community has done for me over the years. I am proud to call Brookstone my second home.”